Preventing COVID-19 infection

1. Please refrain from visiting the venue in any of the following cases.
  • You have subjective symptoms such as a fever 37.5 degrees or higher, cough, sore throat, short of breath and disorders of smell/taste.
  • You have travelled countries/regions where the government imposes immigration restrictions and observation period after the immigration or you have close contact with residents of these countries/regions for the past 14 days.
  • You saw a doctor or took medicines due to symptoms like fever or cold for the past 14 days.
  • You had close contact with a person who is suffering from fever or cold for the past 14 days.
2. We will check your temperature at the entrance before entering the venue.
Please kindly follow the signs.
3. Please wear a mask in the venue and hand sanitizers are placed in multiple locations, so please be sure to use them and thoroughly wash your hands and keep in mind of disinfect, and cough etiquette.
4. The following measures will be taken in the venue
  • The facility is constantly ventilated and the common space / common items (doorknobs, handrails, etc.) are regularly sprayed or wiped.
  • In the lecture hall, microphones will be wiped each time a speaker changes, and the contact area will be wiped when the chairman/ speaker changes. The seats are limited and keeping a wide distance between attendees.
  • We will set up Splash proof partition and sheets in various places including receptions, podiums, and the lounge.
5. Please install COCOA application ( and make your registration before you come to the venue.
6.When it turned out that you had been infected or had close contact with an infected person after the meeting, please understand that we will report the organizer and you will be required to cooperate with infection follow-up surveys from health centers.
Organizer Office : Department of Neurosurgery Nara Medical University 840 Shijo-Cho, Kashihara, Nara, 634-8522, Japan  secretary‐general : Yasuhiro Takeshima
Congress Secretariat : Office Take One, Inc. 2-26 Koseidori, Nishi-ku, Nagoya, 451-0075, Japan TEL : +81-52-508-8510 FAX : +81-52-508-8540 E-mail :